About Company

Al-Fares Import, Export, freight and Customs Clearance Company was established in 2010 as one of the international freight companies, customs clearance, import and export. Since then the company has been working to provide the best and fastest services in the field of import, export, freight and customs clearance.

Whether in the field of air freight- sea freight – land freight, the company has a working team that possesses the scientific, scientific and practical ability and skill that qualifies it to provide the best services as quickly as possible,
Al-Fares Company has gained the reputation that qualifies it to compete with the largest companies that it participates in the same field, and has won the honor of dealing with the largest companies in the field of import, export, freight and customs clearance, so the company seeks to provide its best services and also expand its customer base in line with market requirements.

What Al Fares Import, Export, freight and Customs Clearance offers is not just a shipping process, but rather an integrated work of experience, mastery, professionalism and speed of implementation.
Al-Fares keeps abreast of the continuous development and keeping pace with contemporary technology, which allows the customer to take advantage of appropriate shipping solutions that suit and agree to the most accurate terms and requirements.

To provide the maximum possible services and facilities to customers, Al-Fares was distinguished by a firm concern for the safety of cargo shipped and its care during trading and the provision of continuous information about it during the shipping process in addition to the optimal use of time at all stages of shipping, cooperation and agreement with the customer to reach the best program of supply or export for his goods and commitment to it

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