Land shipping

It is the backbone of transportation between neighboring countries and it is a fast way to transport goods with large loads between countries Al Fares Import, Export, Shipping and Customs Clearance provides you with the best possible solutions for your needs in the field of road freight by providing a fleet of the best vehicles for various tonnages from Egypt to all the Gulf countries Al-Faris company is characterized by a specialized and highly efficient team working to deal with all types of cargo using the best equipment that is suitable for different weights and sizes of goods We are Al-Faris Import, Export, Shipping, Customs Clearance and Logistic Services Company We are pleased to provide our extensive and reliable services in road transport Whether it is a full carload FULL TRUCK LADING Or part of the vehicle (partial load) LTL / LESS TRUCK LADING
General information about road freight:
1- The land policy is issued and it is a document that indicates the receipt of goods
2-Information about the addressee and the addressee
3-The car number
(Details of goods) Weight of goods – Type of goods – Number of parcels 4
Types of trucks:
Heavy transport trucks (trailers) and there are several types of them
A – Refrigerated and closed trucks used to transport food
B – Trucks with a surface of 6.5 meters or approximately 12.5 meters
C – Carriers
D – trucks with sides

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